Mission Two: Twitter Me This

For the “Explore the MTBoS” mission this week, we were urged to use Twitter either for the first time, or in a new way that we haven’t tried before. There was a list of things to try, many of which I did. However, the one thing I really wanted to try was participating in a chat.

I took part in the #iledchat that occurs every Monday night from 9-10 PM CST. The topic this week was “Connected Education.” Most of the questions centered around the use of Twitter in the classroom and professionally. I answered some of the questions, but some of them I really had no good answer.

During the chat, I did follow a few new people and gained a few followers. I already use Twitter often and follow many different math people. I’ve never used Twitter in my classroom and the chat did make me at least consider it. I also interacted with a few people on Twitter who I normally just follow and read their posts, so I guess the mission was a success!



3 thoughts on “Mission Two: Twitter Me This

  1. I have dropped in on a few twitter chats but haven’t recently … I quickly gave up trying to read every tweet and just pick some out that were interesting.

    Thanks for the reminder to check some more of these out.

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